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You are a consultant or a coach. Maybe a solopreneur, or you run a small company. You are most likely pretty special, an expert in your field. The people who know you best (family, friends, clients, and colleagues) are certainly aware of that.

But there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of potential clients who are looking for you and they just. don’t. know. your. name. When they search for you online, they are overwhelmed by all the copycats, lookalikes, and imposters who they find.

This website is here to help you GET FOUND. By the right prospects who NEED TO FIND YOU. I will teach you the latest tips, tricks, and trends for online presence and findability.

My favorite online tool for finding and being found is LinkedIn, but I will also write about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and blogging. I’ll help you decide which ways to spend your valuable time for the best results for your particular service-based business.

I’m Anita Hampl. Of course, I’d love for you to click right on over to my LinkedIn profile. But here’s my story :

I was misdiagnosed as an accountant at a young age. Although I loved reading every magazine and newspaper I could find, drooling over the ads, and wishing women could have cool jobs like Darrin Stephens … I was pretty good at numbers so I took the safe route and got a degree in Accounting.

Years later, I fell into a spot editing our local PTA newsletter (oh yeah, I’m a mom), and then building and tweaking our high school soccer team’s first website (specifically, a soccer mom). And somehow figured out that I really liked writing … about people. 

Along came internet marketing, and local networking groups, and co-working spaces with exposed brick walls, and I became intrigued with bios and speaker profiles. Word got out, and people began asking me to write for them.

I have discovered that most people (at least beyond age 30) have had some pretty interesting dips and curves in their lives. The funny (not so funny) thing is that they would often overlook or brush past those incidents or years, thinking they needed to keep a cool, calm, collected professional persona. But through gently asking nosey questions, I was able to grab those disparate threads and help weave them into beautiful narratives that were uniquely theirs.

So I have developed a strong reputation for really listening to my clients, putting their own stories into words and formats to attract the best clients for them, and generally holding their hands–or not–through the process!

My LinkedIn profile (yeah, click here to see it LOL) has some Recommendations from people who’ve been pleased with the work I did for them.
My work is always guaranteed. I cannot guarantee your results, since your efforts and skills will control a lot of that, but I promise that if we decide to work together, you will get my best.

I think so. So do others – see above. Or email me to ask for samples.

And … since not everyone has the margin to hire a complete LinkedIn profiler, I have decided to offer DIY products to help you update your own LinkedIn profiles. As those are perfected they will be showcased on this website. Some will be free, some will have minimal costs. So check back often!

I have one. Bad. For reading as well as for writing. So I try to write plainly, clearly, with short words when I can. And with white space.

Lots of white space. It’s just easier for readers on screens.

Ironically, I am rambling here, which I never really do {cough, cough}. I mean, in my writing.

And won’t do if you and I decide to work together to improve YOUR web presence. Frankly, I’m just rushing to get this website “live” so I can get working on those new DIY products!

PLEASE do link with me on LinkedIn ! Request a connection, and if you mention that you saw this website, I’d be so grateful.