You are so cool. Let's make sure the world knows!

How May I Help You?

No time to talk? I get it!

I will review your LinkedIn profile and send you a report with at least 3 actionable steps that you can take to improve your presence!

Follow-up calls to discuss and implement changes are also available. 

Let's look together at your LinkedIn profile.

 It's fun and we can cover a lot in one session, making changes on the spot.

Enhanced coaching and maintenance, including content creation and curation, is also available. 

On a limited basis, with your input, investment, and involvement, I can rewrite/makeover your profile. 

The focus will be on your target audience to address prospective clients, in-house management, or civic/non-profit boards.

Anita Hampl Atlanta copywriter

Who Is Anita?

As THE Short Attention Span Writer, I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs showcase their brilliance to be found online by the right people. My current weapon of choice is LinkedIn because a complete, enticing LinkedIn profile can be a solid anchor to one's internet activity.

I specialize in helping people who "don't like social media" or who consider LinkedIn "a necessary evil!"

I show them how to they can make minor tweaks and get results (new connections and referrals) without letting LinkedIn suck all the life out of them.

What about YOU!? Are you ready to update your LinkedIn presence? Schedule a call or read on for more info. 

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