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BUT FIRST, would you like me to look at your LinkedIn profile with you? This is a fast, easy way to jumpstart your update without wasting a lot of your time.   

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CONFIDENTIAL, FAST, and FUN : $7 for 15 minutes

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I'm eager to help make it easy for clients to find YOU when they need services! This bundle will help you to start, or refresh, your LinkedIn profile to showcase what you offer and why they need you. Your gift includes:

  • a short report on LinkedIn re: side hustles
  • a detailed checklist on reviving or updating your profile
  • a checklist and planner on Skills tailored to side businesses
  • an invitation to a group “Ask Me Anything”  (on Zoom, of course)

    The goal is not to make you into a LinkedIn expert, but to establish your presence as a credible expert.

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